2020 Bouman Fellow



In partnership with Kinds of Kings, The Elise Hall Competition has underwritten a 2020 Bouman Fellowship in effort to support and advocate for early-career composers, to create opportunities for composers from historically marginalized groups, and to cultivate a sense of community and support.  


2020 Bouman Fellow Sheldon Thwaites will write a new work for a consortium of alto saxophone and percussion duos, which could include YOU! 


Sheldon Thwaites is an award winning International Caribbean-American percussionist, specializing in Drum Set and Steel Pan. As the son of a Trinidadian music pioneer, Sheldon continues to promote his family legacy amassing an evocative resume with artist’s “Chris Daughtry”, “Lauryn Hill”, “Amel Larrieux”, “Cobi”, “Marina Satti”, and local Maryland steelband “PanLara”. He has studied drum-set with Terri Lynn Carrington, John Blackwell, & Dave Dicenso. Drums were his first love, but after pursuing music at the high school level, he transitioned into composition, arranging & production. Sheldon has played drums internationally for world-renowned steelbands “Witco Desperadoes”, “Phase II Pan Groove”, and “Skiffle Bunch”. He is a graduate of Boston Arts Academy & Berklee College of Music. Sheldon currently resides in Washington, DC.



Applications are now open for this consortium and are free for any saxophonist or percussionist. Selected consortium members will receive Sheldon's new work, have the opportunity to collaborate with Sheldon in workshops for the piece, and to premiere the work. Pre-formed percussion and saxophone duos are welcomed to apply, but the consortium will also accept applications from new saxophone/percussion collaborations. KoK and the EHC will review and select applicants for the consortium based on application materials and work samples. There is no limit to the number of applications that will be selected and there are no age or eligibility restrictions to apply. 

Applications will close on February 28, 2021 at 11:59pm EST and applicants will be notified by March 15, 2021 if their application has been selected. Use the following form to apply:

Consortium FAQs

Q: Are there any eligibility restrictions for application? 

A: Nope! Anyone can apply and there is no limit to the number of duos we select.

Q: Do I have to live in the United States to apply? 

A: Nope! Anyone from anywhere is welcome and encouraged to apply! Workshops with the composer will be virtual.


Q: When is the piece delivered and when can we premiere it?

A: The piece will be delivered to all consortium members at the start of March, 2021 and premieres can begin as early as June 1, 2021. 

Q: Does anyone have exclusivity over the first premiere?

A: No. Each person in the premiere consortium can premiere as soon as June, 1 2021 and scheduled performances of the work will be promoted by EHC and Kinds of Kings on our websites and through social media. 


Q: Can I apply even as an individual?

A: Yes, but we recommend applying with a duo partner, even if you haven't played together before. You will get the most out of this opportunity if you can workshop with Sheldon and premiere the work. 

Still have a question? Ask away: elisehallsaxophonecompetition@gmail.com